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Life and work from home: Story of a lively mother

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Irina is a mom living her best life in the now! Read more on how her family, colleagues and coffee helps her be a better Risk Advisory Director in Deloitte, Indonesia.

Irina Putri
Director, Risk Advisory,
Deloitte Indonesia

My name is Irina, but my team calls me, 'Emak' or Irin. I've been working at Deloitte for over 14 years and I am the female director in the history of Indonesia's Risk Advisory.

Deloitte has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of inspiring people - leaders, mentors, team members and even my husband! Being a mother and also a project leader at Deloitte requires balance. I used to take my son to urgent weekend meetings at the office or when meeting clients, but now we can sit together as we have our virtual classes and meetings.

My son is my strength, and having him next to me all day provides me with the motivation to do greater things. As a mom, I need to lead by example and show my son how I balance my family, work and hobbies. As a colleague, I am supported by my peers that appreciate my son's small interruptions in our virtual meetings. These little things fill me with pride in what I do at Deloitte.

Coffee is also a passion I share with my colleagues, and with the recent work from home order, I was able to pick up a new skill: latte art. I'm not a pro, but I'm getting there. Travelling is another passion of mine, combining my love of food, coffee and concerts. My husband and I had the opportunity to bring our son to a show just last year.

Working in Deloitte has surrounded me with brilliant people, this has motivated me to continuously improve, for myself, my team and the organisation. Respecting others as you wish to be respected is the root of my commitment to my work and family.

And if anyone asks me whether working at Deloitte has been my cup of tea… I would say it's definitely my cup of coffee!

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