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Family Enterprise Consulting

Helping family businesses sustain resilience across generations.

Family Enterprise Consulting is a highly customised service offered by Deloitte Private to business and wealth-owning families that integrates well designed family governance rules and structures into the unique culture, dynamics and objectives of the family enterprise.

Family governance becomes extremely important as both the family and the business grow more complex. Governance helps families organise themselves, clarify decision-making processes to manage expectations, nurture the relationships among family members and guide the relationship between the family and the business.

How can family governance benefit the family and the business?

Family dynamics often pose a risk to a family’s cohesiveness as well as to its wealth. Governance aims to reduce the impact of family disagreements and opaque decision-making which can be extremely detrimental to family harmony, growth of the family business and long-term financial security for future family members.

Our Deloitte Private Family Enterprise Consulting team in Malaysia works together with families that own and run businesses to help solve complex family business issues and support the growing needs of the business and the family.
Backed by our global Deloitte Private network, we are ready to serve families wherever their businesses take them.

Family Enterprise Consulting
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