Recovery and Resolution Planning ("RRP") newsletter

Build Resilience. Restore Trust.

Operationalising and embedding RRP will be challenging. Banks need to understand what it truly entails and how best to leverage on industry practices to build Recovery Plans that are not just theoretically comprehensive but also operationally feasible.

In response to BNM’s Exposure Draft on Recovery Planning published on 17 January 2020, Deloitte Malaysia has put together a publication to share our feedback, comparison of the RRP requirements across jurisdictions (MY, SG and HK) and point of view. In this publication, you can also read about the RRP Game Plan – what a Bank’s immediate next steps should be, in preparation for full industry implementation.

Deloitte RRP Response Paper

Deloitte’s RRP Publication is intended to capture key observations and areas for improvements across core components of the RRP to assist Banks design their Recovery Plans.

Our very first Publication lays out the foundation of a solid Recovery Plan. In our next and upcoming Publications, we will discuss in depth each of the key components of RRP to share lessons learnt from previous Recovery Plan implementation exercises and how Banks can navigate around the complexities of building an effective plan.

Recovery and Resolution Plan #1
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