Forensic Digital & Analytics

Closing the gap in regtech collaboration

Deloitte Halo Our digital whistleblowing solution that equips organisations with secure and confidential reporting channels layered with advanced security features. It also facilitates case management and provides insight using analytics across your organization’s whistleblowing disclosures.

Trained Deloitte Analysts will review incidents and prepare reports, and escalate high-risk matters.

Deloitte Beacon Our cloud-based financial crime risk and compliance solution acquires critical information to address gaps between principles and practice in an organisation’s compliance programme.

From compliance risks ratings to controls effectiveness, and other key performance indicators, Deloitte Beacon enables organisations to have an aerial view of their threats and risks while operating in a global market place.

Deloitte Codex A digital financial crime obligations register that help companies understand and comply with relevant obligations. A single-source of truth with over 950 Obligation Sources from 20 jurisdictions.

It is a flexible and scalable register that can be tailored to fit specific client environments and business needs.
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Contact details

Tim Phillipps
Partner, APAC Financial Crime Network Leader
SEA Forensic and Analytics Leader
Oo Yang Ping
Director, APAC Financial Crime Network Solutions and Operations, and Malaysia Forensic Leader