Emerging Tech & Innovation in Malaysia's Agriculture Landscape

What’s Sprouting?

Explore the key issues, trends, and opportunities in the Agriculture Industry.

In the face of the pandemic and a troubled global economy, the agriculture industry remains resilient with strong demand for more quality and a variety of produces driven by a growing population and changing consumer behaviours.

With global trend in digital adoption and process automation, there has been exciting breakthroughs in Agritech innovation. From farm monitoring with drones to harvesting with precise machinery equipped with sensors, as well as AI-driven cloud connected indoor farms, the rising convergence of agriculture and technology makes the industry more appealing to financial investors. This is evidenced by the recent triple digit annual growth in investment funds pouring into AgriTech business solutions.

Download this paper by Deloitte and Malaysian Global Innovation and Creative Centre (MaGIC) to find out more about the future of Agriculture as well as initiatives by MaGIC to propel innovation within this space.

Emerging Tech & Innovation in Malaysia's Agriculture Landscape
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