Deloitte Private for Risk Advisory


Deloitte Private for Risk Advisory

Risk Intelligence is a dynamic approach to protect and create business value amid uncertainty. This is increasingly vital for the survival and growth of private businesses in today’s ever-changing and disruptive environment.

In Deloitte, we believe that being Risk Intelligent is the journey towards building enterprises of the future. With our wide range of services, we help clients create new business value and drive exponential performance. Our Risk professionals have deep expertise to advise on how organisations can navigate the increasingly complex areas of Strategic, Regulatory, Financial, Operational ad Cyber risk.

Below are 8 identified key growth pillars that can enable business performance and operational excellence in the future economy.

One thing is clear: Risk Powers Performance.

Business Innovation

Our Deloitte Private Risk practitioners aim to help businesses create innovatively and deliver additional value through the improvement or reinvention of various aspects of a business model. We also assist businesses to identify and overcome information and alignment inefficiency to achieve greater business performance and market growth.


Corporate governance refers to the mechanisms, processes and relations by which corporations are controlled and directed.

Deloitte Private Risk professionals specialise to aid family businesses and organisations address an array of enterprise-wide risks by working with them to develop sustainable compliance and risk management programs.

Human Capital

As individuals become connected to all aspects of an organisation, a focus on human capital risk is a significant part of an effective risk management and corporate compliance program.

The role of the risk and compliance teams across the broader enterprise is to ensure that the HR risk management program aligns with company strategy and integrates well with organisational structure and all other risk monitoring functions.

Our Deloitte Private Risk professionals bring a valuable portfolio of tools and techniques for Risk assessment, monitoring, and mitigation.

Financial Management

In the current climate, all businesses demand robust and transparent financial risk management frameworks that satisfy compliance demands, contribute to better decision making and enhance performance.

Our Deloitte Private Risk professionals support by reviewing financial governance and developing sound financial management processes and system.

Other value-adding services include building financial key performance indicators, and developing financial dashboard to provide constructive insights to help businesses better assess and manage the financial health.

Operational Excellence

Smart Operations refer to how internal operations can be reinvented through innovation, transforming itself into a forward looking and intelligent backbone of future businesses. It represents a convergence of human, process and technologies to create a diversity of smart systems and enablers in supporting the future growth.

Our Deloitte Private Risk professionals support businesses in enhancing and streamlining operation workflows, and implementing internal controls to strengthen risk management.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a process that holistically identifies potential threats and impacts an organisation might face in their day-to-day operations.

Our Deloitte Private Risk professionals provide advisory and support in enabling organisations to develop a sound business continuity plan, and crisis management procedures in the event of unanticipated events.

We also aid family-owned businesses in developing a precise succession plan to ensure business continuity over generations.

Market Access

The growth of international and emerging markets attracts many businesses to look beyond the local shores for growth opportunities. However, the myriad of risk factors companies encounter in these markets can pose major threats to success.

It is imperative for expanding enterprises to plan and effectively address the new strategic, operational, compliance-related and political risks that international growth entails.

Our Deloitte Private Risk professionals are able to assess your level of readiness in overseas expansion, develop an effective market entry strategy and implement an international risk management framework.

Digital and Technology

Innovation is imperative for businesses to stay relevant in this evolving environment due to rapid growth of enabling and disruptive technologies and aggressive international competition. As the pace of change increases, this applies to all organizations and family businesses alike.

Our Deloitte Private Risk professionals can help to identify areas in which technology can help to bring businesses forward.

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