Governance, Regulatory and Sustainability 

Deloitte helps organisations strengthen the resilience of their businesses by ensuring corporate governance, regulatory and sustainability practices are in place with adequate oversight by the board.

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Board Performance Assessment (BPA)

Organisations undertake annual board evaluations to examine if the board is fulfilling its responsibilities and meeting the relevant expectations. The evaluation provides a robust overview of the board’s effectiveness – in terms of its structure, processes, people, and performance. Through this exercise, we are able to assist clients by independently assessing the board’s effectiveness through the use of tailored assessment solutions in identifying the overall strengths and improvement considerations of the board.

Remuneration review

Remuneration packages of non-executive directors and senior management are reviewed periodically to ensure that the compensation and benefits received by the individuals are competitive in nature and in line with market norms. A well-structured remuneration package is vital in attracting and retaining non-executive directors and senior management with the relevant skillset, knowledge, and experience in an organisation. At Deloitte, we review non-executive directors and senior management's remuneration package through a data-driven approach by benchmarking against market and industry standards.

Regulatory compliance

As the economy grows, regulatory requirements develop and change for the better. Organisations are continuously on the look-out to enhance its policies, procedures, processes, and group governance to meet the expectations of the market and governmental regulations. We assist our clients in navigating through complex regulatory landscapes by reviewing, enhancing and/or developing such policies, procedures and frameworks, including monitoring regulatory compliance through tools/dashboards (i.e. Deloitte’s RegAlert), based on the relevant authoritative promulgations, guidelines, and better practices in the market.

Sustainability – Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

At the exponential rate that sustainability is growing throughout the world, many organisations are embracing and embedding sustainability business practices at the heart of their operations and overall governance. Sustainability and ESG is on the radar of not only investors, but also employees, regulators, and customers. In meeting regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations, we provide independent sustainability and ESG services to our clients, focusing on areas such as ESG/sustainable reporting and disclosure, climate and decarbonisation, sustainable finance, sustainable supply chain as well as the development of overall sustainability strategies and framework.

Board sourcing

An effective board comprises of individuals with a diverse mix of expertise, knowledge, experience, age, gender, ethnicity, and geography that would bring about different perspectives and views during boardroom deliberations. With a database of directors at our repository, we can assist in providing non-executive director candidates as and when a board vacancy arises, based on the specifications required.

General meetings

Held for organisations to fulfil their legal obligations, general meetings also serve as a platform for shareholders to participate in the decision-making process of an organisation. In providing independent services, Deloitte offers independent scrutineering or moderation services at general meetings to boost the transparency of polling results or Q&A proceedings, respectively.

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