Software Asset Management Managed Services

Drive performance with end-to-end software management services

​Information Technology (IT) and procurement leaders today are feeling the pain of increased vendor audits and overspend of unused software. With the increased focus on IT efficiency, the growing challenges of managing an organization’s software assets have become clumsy to manage, exposing the organization to financial and operational risk liabilities. Let Deloitte take the complexity out of managing software assets and move your firm toward software optimization. Leverage our leading Software Asset Management (SAM) Managed Services offering built on years of vendor license and SAM experiences.

Inaction is costing you money

Enterprises spend a lot of money on software, but fall short on realizing the importance of proactive management of that software. What is more, Gartner predicts that by 2017, companies will be spending 10 times more on their SAM services than they do today.

To manage this terrain more effectively, companies should take the action steps in order to understand how much software they have deployed and have licensed. Getting this wrong can put organizations at risk of:

  • Millions of dollars in "unplanned payments" to software vendors for noncompliance
  • "Oversubscription"—paying for more software licenses than needed, especially as the organization and environments change
  • "Security threats", due to the use of unauthorized software or the inability to manage their IT assets

Leveraging the skills and experiences of Deloitte can enable a company’s leadership team to make smarter decisions regarding software investments and brings value to the organization by making the most of utilization, creating efficiency, and reducing costs and risks associated with software.

The Deloitte difference

As the industry leader in SAM Managed Services, Deloitte brings the skills, experiences with license optimization technologies, and our own proprietary tools to the table to help your organization realize software optimization, cost savings, and improve operational efficiency in three distinct ways:

  • Audit cost avoidance
  • Software optimization
  • Indirect IT labor savings

We achieve these goals through our services that help you address three types of tasks: operational, ad hoc and transformative. Our engagements can either be comprehensive managed services or a hybrid model, where we supplement your existing team that is already operating in certain terrains. Download more information and click "Next Steps" to contact us directly to learn more.

Software Asset Management Managed Services

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