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Our Sustainability Services practice offers a full spectrum of services to assist you with your sustainability journey. The range of services relating to the sustainability report development process can involve everything from working hand-in-hand with you to develop a report satisfying the MYX requirements, to standalone peer benchmarking, gap assessments, readiness assessment and eventually assurance services.

We have sustainability reporting credentials across the Asia-Pacific region and our team has in-depth knowledge of the GRI G4 Reporting Guidelines, the IR Framework, SASB and other sector-specific guidance that are commonly used as the basis for a company’s sustainability reporting framework. We are able to work with you to align your sustainability strategy with your overall corporate strategic objectives, embedding sustainability within the overall organisation, developing reporting that satisfies the information needs of key stakeholder groups and provides the company with the opportunity to realise true competitive advantages in their given markets.

Sustainability Strategy and Governance

A critical approach to long-term decision making

Incorporating Sustainability into the business vision and goals allows for a more inclusive method of identifying long-term risks and opportunities, and for businesses to realize those goals.

Like a marathon, sustainability is not a quick sprint, but the rewards for sticking with it can be vast. Businesses that view sustainability and resource efficiency as a part of doing business have realised the value that it brings to their corporate objectives related to revenue, brand equity, operations, risk management, and corporate social responsibility.

We assist organisations to build sustainability principles into their business by:

  • Establishing a sustainability vision, strategy and goals;
  • Designing systematic sustainability initiatives which are clearly linked to overall business strategy;
  • Establishing a framework to help with identification and management of risks and opportunities; and
  • Setting up systems for measuring, valuing and tracking of performance targets.

Energy and Resource Management

When addressing scarcity reduces costs

Organisations are increasingly being held accountable for their operations as climate change and scarcity of natural resources are receiving greater attention. By efficiently managing energy and resources, organisations can make a positive impact on the environment whilst reducing costs.

Organisations should focus on the efficient use of energy and resources in order to respond to the changing local policy landscape and the global transition towards a low-carbon economy.

We advise clients on the efficient use of energy and resource to reduce the impact of operations on the environment and costs through:

  • Analysing energy, materials, water and waste data with an aim to better manage these;
  • Identifying sources of emissions and assist in reporting requirements; and
  • Analysing data to identify carbon reduction and cost saving opportunities.

Sustainability in Supply Chain and IT

Driving performance at every level

Sustainability is not limited within an organization’s boundaries but spans across the entire value chain. Analytics and information systems provide easy visibility and valuable insights into the social and environmental performance.

We help organisations to be proficient in the management and integration of sustainable practices throughout the global supply chains through:

  • Understanding and analyzing the impact of sustainability related areas such as supplier engagement, ethical sourcing and procurement, supply chain transparency, and human and labour rights; and
  • Using analytics and information systems to provide timely data that are critical for making informed decisions related to environmental and social performance

Sustainability Reporting and Readiness

Focusing on non-financial metrics that matter

There is growing demand from stakeholders on organisations to disclose the non-financial metrics. This is leading to the trend of organisations creating reports that cover their environmental, social and economic performance and future targets in these areas.

We assist organisations to develop their sustainability report whilst providing insights to strengthen existing reports through:

  • Providing guidance on selecting the best sustainability reporting framework as appropriate to your organisation, considering global frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4, ISO 26000, etc.;
  • Conducting materiality assessments to assist you in focusing on the issues that really matter;
  • Developing methods for data collection and analysing information; and
  • Assessing relative strengths and weaknesses in existing reports and offering a fresh perspective to improve the next sustainability report.

Sustainability Report Assurance

Providing credibility to non-financial disclosures

Independent verification provides assurance to stakeholders on an organisation’s disclosures of corporate responsibility and sustainability activities, along with their progress towards goals.

Deloitte Sustainability has been involved in the development and revision of several sustainability reporting frameworks and standards by various organisations, including GRI G4 and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

As a leading provider of sustainability services to some of the largest organisations worldwide, we are well positioned to deliver top quality assurance on your:

  • Sustainability reports in accordance with globally accepted assurance standards such as ASAE3000 or ISAE3000/3410; and
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reports and statements in accordance to standards such as ISO 14064, ISO/TS 14067.

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