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Deloitte Tax Challenge 2024

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Welcome to another year of the Deloitte Tax Challenge (DTC) – Malaysia’s longest-running taxation-themed competition.

Throughout human history, taxes have fuelled the expansion of empires, enabled governments to operate, and influenced the economic decisions of businesses and the general masses.

As a participant, you’ll dive into the ever-expanding web of Malaysian and international tax controversies, ultimately learning to apply taxation laws in solving real world challenges, just as a real tax practitioner would.

The DTC 2023 opens your eyes to concepts such as mergers and acquisitions, reorganisations, transfer pricing, incentives and initiatives, and a wide spectrum of contemporary tax issues faced by actual governments and corporations.

Are you tax-savvy and competitive enough to be the next top talent in tax? Uncover the tax professional in you today – individual/team category registrations close on 19 August 2024.

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