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The Star – Would there be goodies for the rakyat?

The 2023 budget is likely to be focused on post-Covid recovery efforts amidst a bleak global economy, such as creation of jobs, increasing the income of the rakyat, as well as improving the social protection systems and the well-being of the rakyat. Chee Ying Cheng, Global Employer Services Executive Director and Lee Lai Kuen is Global Employer Services Associate director of Deloitte Malaysia shares quick-fire measures that can bring relief to the rakyat as the government works on implementing sustainable initiatives to manage the rakyat’s welfare.

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The Vibes – Will Budget 2022 see the return of GST?

Deloitte Malaysia experts propose tax shelters, incentives to get Malaysians back on their feet. To increase the expendable income of individuals and households in the M40 group, Deloitte Malaysia Executive Director for Global Employer Services, Chee Ying Cheng said the government should consider reducing the tax for the chargeable income range of between RM70,001 and RM100,000.

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The Star – Remote working: Track me if you can

Remote working individuals are slipping through the cracks, as there is no avenue or guidance provided to facilitate tracking them, and ensuring they comply with local laws and regulations. This in turn, would result in a potential loss of tax revenue for Malaysia. Chee Ying Cheng, Global Employer Services Executive Director of Deloitte Malaysia draws out the broad rules/principles with respect to the Malaysian personal income tax, immigration, and social security laws behind remote working, and how these issues can be addressed.

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BFM 89.9 – Optimising taxes: planning and reliefs for 2021

As tax season comes to an end, Roshan Kanesan from BFM takes a forward look to our next tax filing with Ang Weina, Global Employer Services Leader of Deloitte Malaysia and dive into ways to optimise your taxes to pay the right amount.

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The Star – Insight - Budget with an agenda for women

Ang Weina, Deloitte Southeast Asia Diversity & Inclusion Leader and Deloitte Malaysia Global Employer Services Leader shares her views on Budget 2021 measures to empower women.

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BFM – Does Budget 2021 do enough to encourage women to join the workforce?

Global Employer Services Leader at Deloitte Malaysia, Ang Weina discusses if the budget does enough to tackle the issue of a lack of women in the workforce and a spike in women exiting the workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Lite FM – #TheLITEBreakfast: Ang Weina- Post Budget 2021 Special

Global Employer Services Leader, Ang Weina at Deloitte Malaysia joined Bel and JD on #TheLITEBreakfast, to talk about Budget 2021.

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The Malaysian Reserve – Gainers and losers in pandemic-era Budget 2021

Financial reliefs in the form of tax reduction and exemptions were mentioned in Budget 2021 and form part of the economic stimulus packages announced throughout 2020. Deloitte Malaysia Tax Executive Director Chee Ying Cheng said, while the lower income tax rate is a relief to the middle 40% income (M40) group, the reduction alone may not significantly ease the group’s financial burden.

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LITE FM - #TheLITEBreakfast: Ang Weina - Budget 2021 Wishlist

Global Employer Services Leader at Deloitte Malaysia, Ang Weina joined Bel and JD on The LITE Breakfast this morning to talk about what we can expect from Budget 2021, which will be announced today, 6 Nov.

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The Star – Are we ready for the new normal?

The current pandemic has caused drastic disruptions to our daily lives, businesses and the economy. The task to future-proof our tax and immigration system for the Future of Work is a critical challenge. It is doubly challenging when we cannot gauge if the world post-Covid-19 will revert or be radically different, shared Chee Ying Cheng, Global Employer Services Executive Director at Deloitte Malaysia.

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