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GST Chat: January 2018

GST Chat is Deloitte Malaysia's newsletter on Indirect Tax developments in GST and Customs. Get some of our insights on what we see as pressing issues for businesses in the world of Indirect Tax.

In our January 2018 issue, we cover:
  1. GST Filing - Introduction of Bi-monthly (two months) Filing
  2. Amendments to the Goods and Services Tax Orders
  3. New Public Rulings
  4. GST Technical Updates

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GST Chat: January 2018
Indirect Tax Special Alert
Deloitte keeps you up to date with Malaysian indirect tax developments in GST, Customs and Global Trade in our Series of Special Alerts.
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Thought Leadership

Media interviews

The Edge Markets – Room for GST hike, but not anytime soon
18 January 2018

The Edge Market’s feature on the recent federal government’s expenditure quoted Deloitte Malaysia GST & Customs Country Leader Tan Eng Yew, who said that the country needs to be clear in its objectives and spend wisely on areas that bring the most direct and multiplier benefits instead of just looking at increasing collection to meet rising expenses.

Click here to read the interview.

Upcoming events

Human Resources (HR) Role Transformation Talk

29 January 2018

In an ever-evolving landscape which includes constant regulatory changes and continued advances in technology, the Human Resource function finds itself having to shed its traditional role with a view to contribute to enhancing company profitability. Routine tasks such as Payroll processing, while important, utilise resources that can better contribute to the more strategic functions in the department.

Join us for a complimentary talk where we will share our insights on “Transformation of the HR Role” in this dynamic business function and “How you can get ready for this new role”.

Click here to learn more about the upcoming event.

FMM & Deloitte - Employer's 2017 Income Tax Reporting Seminar

6 February 2018

As tax reporting period is around the corner, compliance with tax legislation is the top agenda to mitigate tax risks. The penalty for non-compliance is too heavy to be ignored. 

In light of this, the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) and Deloitte will be holding a full-day seminar on Tuesday, 6 February 2018 at Petaling Jaya (PJ) Hilton Hotel to share the latest developments in this area with corporate taxpayers.

The seminar will cover employer and employee tax provision updates, tax issues relating to  compensation and benefits, what to look out for in a payroll audit, rights and responsibilities on fulfilling employer tax obligations and employee tax reporting for foreign nationals.

Click here to learn more about the upcoming event.

(Re-run) Private Wealth Planning Talk for Business Families and High Net Worth Individuals

7 February 2018

Whether you are a powerful tycoon, a family business owner or a serial entrepreneur, having proper succession and wealth transfer plans in place is crucial to ensure your business and legacy is protected and sustained. No matter the size or nature of your business, unplanned wealth management and succession may lead to disputes over control among the next generation, resulting in the fragmentation of control and disruption to business.

Due to great response to our previous Private Wealth Planning Talk last December, we are hosting another complimentary talk where we will share the various issues surrounding wealth succession and strategies to protect and preserve your wealth over generations.

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2017 Employer’s Income Tax Reporting Seminar

8 February 2018

It will soon be that time of the year again where, as an employer you will need to comply with the necessary employer’s obligations.

The question is, are you aware and ready for 2017 employer’s reporting requirements? How much do you recall and are you in the know of the recent changes? Can you withstand a payroll audit with credibility from the tax authorities’ perspective?

As a lot is at stake, do not take the risk. Join us for a half-day seminar that is designed specifically as a refresher course where we will walk you through the practical aspects of employment income reporting for an employer. Know what you need to equip yourself with the right technical knowledge to take on this challenge.

Who should attend:

  • HR personnel
  • Payroll personnel
  • Finance, tax or mobility personnel

Click here to learn more about the upcoming event.

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