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GST Chat: March 2017

GST Chat is Deloitte Malaysia's newsletter on Indirect Tax developments in GST and Customs. Get some of our insights on what we see as pressing issues for businesses in the world of Indirect Tax.

In our March 2017 issue, we cover:
  1. GST Technical Updates
  2. Impact of GST Public Rulings
  3. Updates from the National GST Conference

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GST Chat: March 2017
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Upcoming Events

GST Appeal Tribunal Workshop
29 March 2017

It has been almost two years since the implementation of GST in Malaysia. However, many GST issues still lack clarity and could result in disputes with the tax authority (Customs) owing to different interpretations and views between businesses and Customs. The GST Appeal Tribunal (“GST Tribunal”) was established with effect from 1 April 2015 to provide businesses with an avenue to appeal against a decision of the Director General of Customs and resolve any GST disputes in an amicable and effective manner.

Deloitte is honoured to have the Deputy Chairman of the GST Tribunal, Tuan Abdul Ghafar bin Abdul Latif and the Honourable Member of the GST Tribunal, Mr. Indrasathi Muniandy, for a half-day session on the intricacies of the GST dispute resolution process of the GST Tribunal. As part of the briefing session, our guest speakers, who are presiding members of the Tribunal, would share their key experiences and insights on the GST appeal and dispute resolution process.

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Past events

  1. FMM Perak GST Seminar: Latest Update and Tax Audit by Customs Malaysia (16 February 2017)
  2. National GST Conference 2017 (1 March 2017)
  3. Dialogue between the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) and Sabah Timber Industries Association (STIA) (9 March 2017)

Visit this page to view details about each past event.

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