Responding to COVID-19 - Employers do’s and don’ts

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Can I reduce my employees’ salaries? Can I retrench my employees?

How do we maintain liquidity for our company in order to retain our employees? Can we qualify for any of the employer’s incentives in the economic stimulus package? Will IRB still audit on employer’s tax obligations compliance?  

These are some of the questions we addressed at our zoomlive webcast. We hope we provided a holistic perspective to what employers should know and do during and post the Movement Control Order.

Equally important is the discussion on what employers should not do, and also to be mindful of the eventual consequences. Thank you for joining us at our live webcast. We hope you found it useful. If you require more information, please reach out to your usual Deloitte Partner or any of our speakers listed below.

Responding to COVID 19 Employers do’s and don’ts

Deloitte Speakers

Ang Weina

National Global Employer Services Leader


Ang Weina

Julie Tan

Business Process Solutions Leader

Julie Tan

Shareena Benedict Martin 

Business Process Solutions Director


Invited Guest

Amirtheyeswary MCPirapu 

Partner, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution - Iza Ng Yeoh &Kit

Amirtheyeswary MCPirapu