Government Grants and Incentives (GG&I)

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Malaysia offers a wide range of attractive investment incentives to attract investors, ranging from tax exemptions and allowances to grants. In tandem with global trends and the evolution of the national economy from agriculture-based to manufacturing-based and services-based, the incentive framework covers a board spectrum of industries and different forms of economic activities.

In addition, specific grants and incentives are also provided to support innovation, strategically important projects and the industry. A good knowledge of these incentives and how to tap into these opportunities is vital to plan your business and investment strategies. To learn more about government grants and incentives and how we can assist you, download the government grants and incentives brochure here.



The Deloitte difference

Deloitte GG&I understands the global dynamics that affect the funding of your innovation and investment strategy. Our broad range of specialised services are available to help you consider the impact of incentives on your wider tax, financial and commercial activities so you can further enhance and accelerate your business opportunities. We identify incentive opportunities available to your company and leverage technology for operational efficiency and for a clear vision of relevant opportunities.

Moreover, our team GG&I practitioners are globally informed of your industry, your business language and your technology language. We ensure that each incentive is considered in the context of the investment and innovation lifecycle to realise the full financial and commercial benefits. Deloitte’s wide network of contacts can help you build winning relationships with government bodies and research institutions. Governments across the globe seek the insights of Deloitte people to help in the development and design of their own incentive policies.

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Sim Kwang Gek

Sim Kwang Gek

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Tham Lih Jiun

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