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Namibian office response to COVID-19

Last updated 26 March 2019

A message to our clients

The announcement, by the President on the 24th March, of a range of measures to be implemented to strengthen the Nation’s response in the fight against the COVID – 19 virus refers. These measures which amount to a partial lockdown of the country include, amongst others, international and national travel bans, a request that all employees, except those in critical services, are to operate from home for a prescribed period and the public is urged to remain at home. 

In the absence of more specific guidance, Deloitte has temporarily closed its offices as of 17:00, 25 March 2020, with all our people working remotely from home until our offices reopen again on 17 April 2020 at 08:00. This latter date and time may well change should more directives be received.

While this is unprecedented in our firm and country’s history and will cause some disruption to normal working activities, we are in full support of the President’s decision to take these preventative measures. We are also confident that we will continue to deliver services during this period as our professionals have been equipped to work remotely and we expect no major obstacles to business continuity. 

Over the next few days, our partners and managers will provide you with detailed plans on their specific business continuity measures and will continually keep you updated on any developments that may impede or enhance delivery of services.  

We wish you well during this challenging time and believe that together we can successfully navigate the storm and get through this with few adverse long-term effects. 

Also refer to the below (also attached as a brochure) referring to our actions towards battling the COVID 19 virus and how we envisage protecting our community, our staff and our clients. Should you have concerns that are not being addressed by our leaders please reach out to Ramsay Mc Donald.

Deloitte Namibia action towards battling the COVID-19 virus and protecting the community, our staff and our clients

Our Action Towards Battling the COVID-19 Virus and Protecting the community, our staff and our clients

  • Our Partnership has been actively working on this scenario and therefore we are well prepared in our plans for this lockdown and will refine and communicate further detail on the operational considerations during the lockdown period.
  • No access will be granted to any staff member or client at our physical office premises for the set period.
  • Our commitment to serving our clients remains. Making an Impact That Matters still remains a top priority.
  • We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.
  • We reconfirm our commitment to comply with the law, regulations and guidelines as well as the spirit and intention of all actions to fight this pandemic.
  • Deloitte will implement the contingency plans for staff to work from home and temporarily close our offices from Wednesday 25 March at 17h00 and have requested that everyone works remotely from home. Our offices aim to re-open on the 17th of April 2020 at 08:00.
  • Normal working hours will still be complied with by all staff members from their remote bases of operations.
  • As one of the largest professional services firms in Namibia, we remain resolute that the health, safety and well-being of our people and that of our clients remains our top priority. We also know and understand that this pandemic can have far reaching impacts, particularly on the health of family, friends, clients and colleagues.
  • Deloitte would like to reassure our clients that the Firm is doing everything to support our people during this time and we ask that they do their very best in continuing the important work for our clients and in keeping our economy moving
  • We do anticipate minimal to no interruption to Deloitte client service capabilities as we have the required technology and collaboration tools to support our service capabilities through any disruptions.
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