The value of a properly composed audit committee adds to a Corporate Entity

A perspective on compliance to the NamCode


The NamCode was introduced in Namibia with the main objective to respond to the need for a Namibian specific code that addresses international corporate governance best practice within the Namibian context. The NamCode sets out relevant principles and requires application on an “apply or explain” basis.
Deloitte corporate governance survey was initially carried out in 2011, subsequently in 2013, 2016 and then more recently in 2019, where national responses from public and private sector entities were collected. The main aim of the aforementioned surveys was to identify trends pertaining to the adherence to corporate governance principles by Namibian entities.

The Deloitte Corporate Governance surveys carried out by Deloitte Namibia, creates a platform where findings on the current status of corporate governance best practices can be examined and evaluated, and to unearth areas of potential improvement in the Namibian market.

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