Best Company To Work For 2014: Awards

Lead And Develop

The 2014 edition of the Best Company To Work For (BCTWF) - Namibia awards were presented 9th October 2014.

The survey aims to identify and celebrate the best companies to work for in Namibia and across the Southern African region as rated by their most important stakeholder group, namely, their employees.


Taking place under the banner of “Lead and Develop”, the message from Deloitte Namibia partner, Ramsay McDonald was clear that living in a developing world requires new and innovative approaches to leading business, quite different to those required in a first world market.

In a world where change is constant, disruption is rife and where high levels of complexity and pace are imminent, leaders find themselves in a very precarious position asking, “How do we lead our organisations under these circumstances”?

This year the survey was conducted in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Kenya. It is also the second year in a row that Namibia saw an increase in participation with a total number of 15 companies taking part compared to last year’s 11. Moreover, the number of employees interviewed during this year’s survey increased from 7 051 in 2013 to 12 550. New participants in the Large Sized Category are Trustco Group Holdings and Telecom Namibia, whereas Agricultural Bank of Namibia took part in the Medium Sized Category for the first time this year.

Apart from the benefits of Industry, Size Category and Regional benchmarking, each participating organisation gains invaluable insights into the reported employment priorities and experiences of its employees which can serve as the basis to optimise their overall employment experience and thereby enhance the organisation’s performance and status as a recognised employer of choice.


Medium size category (less 500 employees)

Winner – Santam Namibia (second year participant and second year winner)

2nd place – MVA Fund (multi-year participant and second year runner-up)

3rd place – Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) – (multi-year participant)

Large Size Category (more than 500 emloyees)

Winner – Ohlthaver & List (multi-year participant and last year’s winner)

2nd place – Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (multi-year participant and last year’s runner-up)

3rd place – Trustco Group Holdings (first time participant)

Standard of Excellence Achievers

 Companies achieving more than the 3.7 mean include:

  • Agra
  • MTC
  • MVA Fund
  • Ohlthaver & List
  • Old Mutual
  • Santam
  • Trustco
Standard of Excellence badge

General Feedback

For the third year in a row the top three survey indicators identified by employees include:

  • Sense of confidence
  • Job satisfaction
  • Operational effectiveness
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Human Capital Trends 2014

At our award presentation, our HR Manager Retuura Ballotti also presented results from the global Human Capital Trends 2014 survey.

The survey is a data-backed, global report. We surveyed 2,500 business and HR executives in 90 countries to measure the urgency of and readiness for addressing the trends.  The survey respondents included 348 respondents across 15 African countries.

To view some of these insights, download the presentation.

Download the presentation

Press Coverage

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