Best Company 2017: Awards

Maximising the Power of your People

The 2017 edition of the Best Company - Namibia awards were presented 25th October 2017.


The Best Company Survey measures employee experience and has in the past year undergone a rejuvenation, incorporating smart analytics coupled with best practice research methodologies to deliver a diagnostic tool, for organisations to measure year on year attributes which influence employee engagement and attraction to an organisation.

Traditionally the well-known Best Company to Work For Survey conducted in Namibia since 2011 focused on employee satisfaction in the workplace through a static assessment with delayed feedback and action cycles. The re-engineered survey now provides comprehensive insight reports with more dynamic reporting through access to the Deloitte Portal which allows participants to take immediate responsive action. The Best Company Survey also includes a 100% coverage of employees as opposed to the selected sample surveys of the past.

The key objectives of the Best Company Survey enable an organisation to identify what attracts and motivates individuals within the workplace and how this impacts the productivity or engagement levels. The survey output provides an organisation with the key elements of how employees experience the culture of the organisation and whether this impacts or influences employees either positively or negatively, and in turn, whether this experience influences an employee’s level of discretionary effort.

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Medium size category (less 500 employees)

Winner – Bank of Namibia

2nd place – Namibia Institute of Pathology

3rd place – Namibia Diamond Trading Company (NDTC)

Large Size Category (more than 500 emloyees)

Winner – Dundee Precious Metals

2nd place – Trustco Group Holdings

3rd place – Agra 

Seal of Achievement

Based on a Best Company Score, participating organisations are awarded a Seal of Achievement, which this year has two variations, i.e. Platinum for a score of 3.5 and above and Gold for a score of 3.25 to 3.49. The seal is a demonstration of the attractiveness of the organisation and commitment to its people, enabling the organisation to market itself as an employer of choice. This seal is derived from the Best Company Score achieved in the survey.

Seal of Achievement

Platinum Achievers (3.5 and above)

  • Dundee Precious Metals
  • Trustco
  • Bank of Namibia
Standard of Excellence badge

Seal of Achievement

Gold Achievers (3.25 to 3.49)

  • Namibia Institute of Pathology
  • Namibia Diamond Trading Company
  • Agra
Standard of Excellence badge

Human Capital Trends 2017

At our award presentation, Human Capital lead Priscilla Husselmann presented Namibian results from the Human Capital Trends 2017 survey.

To view some of these insights, download the presentation.

Download the presentation
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