Leveraging Best Company Survey insights

Relevant changes in Namibian companies


The Best Company Survey has been a Deloitte initiative for over a decade. The survey was enhanced after an extensive re-design process and employee satisfaction investigation with the objective to provide strategic insights for increased organisational effectiveness. In 2017 Deloitte Namibia adopted the redesigned Best Company Survey, and a total of 18 companies participated.

Over the past seven years Deloitte Namibia has recorded a total of 44 companies participating. With a strong brand amongst HR professionals, the survey remains a reputable source of comparable data for companies and the competition remains an esteemed annual event attended by Managing Directors and HR professionals across sectors and industries.

The survey measures employee experiences, and incorporates smart analytics coupled with best practice research methodologies to deliver a diagnostic tool for organisations to measure year on year attributes, which influence employee engagement and attraction to an organisation. Excelling companies qualify for Gold and Platinum achievement seals.

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Re-engineered survey

The re-engineered survey now provides comprehensive insights with more dynamic reporting available on the Deloitte Best Company Survey Portal, which allows participants to take immediate responsive action. The Best Company Survey also includes a 100% sample as opposed to the selected sample surveys of the past.

The key objectives of the survey enables organisation to identify what attracts and motivates individuals within the workplace, and how their experience influences overall productivity and engagement levels.

The survey output provides companies with the key elements of how employees experience the culture of the companies and whether this affects or influences employees positively or negatively, and in turn, whether this experience impacts an employee’s level of discretionary effort. The survey report includes priority quadrants that allows an insightful overview of where to leverage current strengths and areas of weaknesses to focus on. The analytics and insights provided gives clear direction to leadership on the next steps.

Four dimensions are assessed in the survey, namely:

  • Accomplishment & Growth
  • Fairness & Integrity
  • Values & Culture
  • Care & Feedback. 

The 2017 Best Company Survey results indicates that Accomplishment & Growth is the most impactful dimension across all participating companies. Accomplishment & Growth describes how employees feel from a day-to-day perspective and whether they have had the opportunity to grow during the past year.

Best Company Index

The Best Company Index measures how attracted employees are to their organisations and how aligned are they to the employer brand. The Engagement Index measures how employees think act and feel in the workplace. It is calculated by: 

Attraction + Activation = Engagement

Truly engaged employees see purpose in what they do at work and feel that they matter to their organisation. They are characterised by high levels of activation and bring much of themselves to work.

The majority of Namibian participating companies use the annual survey to develop and evaluate their HR Strategies and tactical plans. Through leadership engagement, companies leverage the insights from the survey to design bespoke employee programs and initiatives. Varying from HR team capability development, change and communication strategies and general HR advisory service.

Truly engaged employees see purpose in what they do at work and feel that they matter to their organisation. They are characterised by high levels of activation and bring much of themselves to work.

Delivering Change

One of the key capabilities required to optimally use the survey insights and propel the change is rethinking how leaders deliver change in their companies. Managing change in a disruptive world is a challenging task for most c-suite leaders and HR professionals. Therefore, enhancing the employee experience requires as much dedication and commitment as other business led change initiatives.

Key drivers for change include new business strategy or inability to execute on existing strategy, operational challenges, digitalisation, business model disruptions, cost reduction initiatives, new regulations, enterprise transformation, organisational culture, talent challenges and skills shortages, organisation reorganisations and new senior leadership looking to make an impact.

Traditional change management approaches have evolved into highly connected, personalised and dynamic experiences. The new approach to change allows for faster decision-making; it is dependent on information (data), and provides reliable and insightful trends and patterns as the change journey advances.

Furthermore, the new approach to change provides an involvement, the way consumers are accustomed to. Organisations are recognising the importance of viewing employees as consumers and thinking about delivering change using methods akin to marketing techniques.


Namibia today

The 2017 Human Capital Trends research indicates that 41% of Namibian respondents believe their employee experience is helping to attract and retain talent. The employee experience is therefore an energetic journey relying on organisational culture and employee engagement levels. Many Namibian companies do not have a comprehensive culture and employee experience strategies in place and those that have such a strategy are lagging behind in updating it regularly to keep pace with employees’ needs. The 2017 HC trends research reports that only 57% of Namibian companies are ready to embrace the employee experience model.

In today’s VUCA world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to focus on an aligned and integrated approach to constructing employee experiences and developing robust strategies and leading change. Using change approaches that are agile, adjustable, continuously adapting and encourages learning is essential for success and longevity.

The insights gained from participating in the Best Company Survey provides Namibian companies with the needed information to develop strategic and tactical plans. However, adopting a relevant approach to delivering change is the differentiating success factor for lasting value and impact in companies today.

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