Namibian Human Capital Trends 2015

Leading in the new world of work

Today’s HR challenges require a new playbook—one that helps make HR more agile, forward thinking, and bolder in its solutions.

Namibian Human Capital Trends: Introduction

We are pleased to share with you the 2015 Human Capital Trends Report for Namibia which is the first country based report that Deloitte has conducted for Namibia. This country report is a companion to the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2015 report – one of the largest of its kind in the world. Over 3,300 executives from 106 countries participated in our survey this year, including 39 Namibian business and HR leaders who offered their insights on the future of work and human capital’s valuable role in shaping it. Our theme for this year, “Leading in the new world of work,” reflects our strong conviction that in 2015 business leaders must adapt to a new world that requires a dramatic change in strategies for leadership and talent.

In this report which is aimed at the Namibian market we highlight the six trends which the respondents have rated as most important:

  1. Workforce Capability
  2. Leadership
  3. Learning and Development
  4. Culture and Engagement
  5. Reinventing HR 
  6. Performance Management

Demographic changes and generational transitions are having major impacts on the workforce as well. Millennials now make up more than half the workforce and leading organisations are addressing their needs through accelerated leadership paths, a greater sense of purpose and mission and greater flexibility in work places, schedules and tasks.

HR stands at the centre of achieving the necessary transformation of work to effectively respond to these 6 trends and challenges. It requires HR to be bold and apply innovative thinking, question longstanding practices and habits and a greater focus on culture as a key element in driving both workplace change and business success.

We hope you will find both this country report and the full report useful in your work and we stand ready to assist you in seizing the incredible opportunities and meeting the significant challenges we see on the horizon. We look forward to engaging with you to help unpack the findings and their implications for your human capital, HR and talent management decisions.

Namibian Human Capital Trends report

It's these gaps among technology, individuals, businesses, and public policy that are creating a unique opportunity for HR to help leaders and organizations adapt to technology, help people adapt to new models of work and careers, and help the company as a whole adapt to and encourage positive changes in society, regulation, and public policy.

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