The Holy Grail of Information Management

The Question

Information and Technology, usually known as Information Technology (or IT) – where would our world be without it, and where would we be going? From traffic lights that tell us when to go, to the miracle of technology that makes it possible that we have lights in our offices and running water from our taps, to the sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning systems prevalent in virtually every single business these days, technology has become an integral part of our lives. Even more important is the information these systems are gathering, processing and storing, information on whose accuracy, timeliness and availability business decisions impacting the wealth of every company and individual are made. Hard to imagine that computer technology was first invented in the 1940s – a mere seventy years ago. Even fifty years ago, the idea of widespread computer use for business purposes seemed preposterous to most – too expensive, too time-consuming, too difficult to program and to much trouble to understand.

While not all of the pitfalls of operating in our complex information and technology world or environment can ever be prevented, a well-defined and phased IT governance framework and roadmap, if constructed intelligently and applied diligently, can help clear the pain-point hurdles and ensure that potentially cataclysmic events become foreseeable and manageable. The implementation of a workable governance solution for IT certainly does not need to be expensive or time-consuming, but the alternative is almost always guaranteed to be just that.

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