IT services in uncertain times - COVID 19 Cyber Security Update

With the COVID-19 lockdown, most Namibian businesses had to find creative ways to continue operations while keeping their employees, customers and suppliers safe. More often than not, this took the form of remote working arrangements. The increased use of IT in combination with the distance between users and the IT function resulted in an uptick of cyber-attacks1. None-the-less, the lockdown period also taught us valuable lessons about what is actually possible to achieve if the need for rapid change arises. This article explores the implications of remote working arrangements on IT service provision and highlights key findings from our survey.

Deloitte conducted a Cyber Security Update: COVID 19 survey in April 2020 and May 2020 which investigated both the prevalence of cyber-attacks in the Namibian market and respondents’ preparedness in terms of COVID-19 lockdown measures.

To view results and commentary please download the full report. 

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