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Africa Outlook 2016

Summary report

Deloitte’s Africa view is informed by a myriad of factors which range from its strategic positioning and century-long presence in 34 countries on the continent. In order to better understand and serve these markets, Deloitte optimises the mix of its highly qualified local talent and global teams.

Africa Outlook 2016 - Summary

African businesses need to be aware of how to evaluate and mitigate risk not only from an economic, politics and trade perspective but also from a security perspective. Almost overnight an unpredicted security situation flared up in Libya and today the country can be compared to Somalia and Afghanistan.

Looking at Africa’s economic landscape the current commodity
price shock has had dramatic negative effects across the continent. With a soft China and hard US, the next few years are going to be challenging for most countries in Africa. Businesses therefore need to be a lot smarter with how they engage in the continent over the next few years.

Africa Outlook 2016 - Frontier Advisory Deloitte

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