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March 2020

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Deloitte global survey on VAT/GST relief measures following COVID-19

This survey covers COVID-19 related VAT/GST and sales tax measures introduced around the globe to mitigate the potential economic and fiscal effects of COVID-19 on businesses and individuals. The information is updated approximately every two/three working days. The information presented reflects the position at the date shown, but developments are quickly evolving, and measures taken by governments may change at short notice. If you would like more detailed and current information or advice, please contact your usual engagement team or the Deloitte firm in the country concerned.

COVID-19: Managing supply chain risk and disruption

Coronavirus highlights the need to transform traditional supply chain models. This item highlights short-term actions companies can take to respond to business disruption and supply chain challenges from the global spread of COVID-19 ─ and looks ahead to the longer-term solution of digital supply networks.

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