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January 2019

Asia Pacific

  • India: The 31st GST Council meeting on 22 December 2018 proposed a reduction in rates for certain goods and services, various relief measures, and certain other amendments to the GST law.
  • India: The online processing of AEO T1 applications is to commence when the website has been developed.
  • India: The Delhi High Court has decided a services tax case regarding what qualifies as immovable property.
  • India: The Madhya Pradesh High Court has decided a GST case regarding sales to duty-free shops.
  • India: There has been an anti-profiteering ruling concerning Hindustan Unilever Limited.


  • Gulf Cooperation Council: There are updates from the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar.
  • Angola: A decree has been published approving the legal regime for electronic submission of taxpayers' accounting elements.
  • Angola: In light of the expected implementation of VAT in July 2019, there are a number of upcoming deadlines.
  • Czech Republic: There are a number of proposed amendments to the VAT Act, subject to the legislative process.
  • Denmark: The tax authorities have issued a draft for binding instruction on the VAT treatment of sales promotional schemes.
  • Denmark: The tax authorities have issued a draft for binding instruction on the VAT treatment of transactions without consideration.
  • Finland: There is a Government proposal to introduce VAT on performance fees.
  • France: The EU vouchers Directive has been transposed into French law.
  • France: The EU Directive regarding telecommunications, radio broadcasting, television, and electronically-supplied services supplied to non-VAT taxable persons has been transposed into French law.
  • France: The tax authorities may grant a total or partial waiver of VAT reassessments resulting from the characterization of a permanent establishment of a foreign company in France.
  • Greece: The application of special VAT rates for certain islands has been extended.
  • Greece: There have been changes to the application of the reduced VAT rates.
  • Greece: The VAT refund application form for taxable persons not established in an EU Member State has been amended.
  • Hungary: From 1 January 2019, leased cars will be subject to a limited VAT deduction rate of 50 percent if they are used for both business and private purposes.
  • Hungary: The VAT treatment of vouchers has been amended from 1 January 2019, in accordance with the EU vouchers Directive.
  • Hungary: From 1 January 2019, Hungarian companies must register for the 'Company Gateway' electronic platform.
  • Ireland: There have been updates to the VAT Tax and Duty Manual.
  • Italy: Official forms for the annual VAT return for the 2018 reporting period have been published.
  • Italy: There are new procedures for the payment of stamp duty related to e-invoices.
  • Malta: A reduced VAT rate will apply to electronic publications.
  • The Netherlands: The Supreme Court has referred questions for preliminary ruling to the CJEU on the Dutch VAT revision rules.
  • Poland: The provisions of the VAT law providing bad debt relief have been amended with effect from 1 January 2019.
  • Portugal: The tax authorities have defined the procedures to be followed for non-alcoholic beverages on movements under excise duty suspension.
  • South Africa: The legislation that will significantly impact the VAT treatment of electronic services in South Africa has now been finalised.
  • South Africa: There is an update on the implementation and phase down of customs duty rates for 2019 under the EU-SADC Economic Partnership Agreement.
  • Switzerland: The list of medicines subject to the reduced VAT rate will change following the revision of the Law on Therapeutic Products.
  • Switzerland: Import VAT-related documentation is available on the Swiss Customs Authorities webpage.
  • Ukraine: There have been changes in the application of the VAT exemption, for certain types of transactions.
  • United Kingdom: A Tribunal has ruled that special investment funds managed with the help of a software system may qualify for VAT exemption.
  • United Kingdom: A VAT statutory instrument has been made to counter offshore 'loops'.
  • United Kingdom: The tax authorities have published their policy on VAT on retained payments and deposits.
  • United Kingdom: There are a number of updates on Brexit and indirect tax.
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