The Future of Telecoms in Africa

The "blueprint for the brave"

The Future of Telecoms illustrates the growth in Africa and the middle class Africa. Mobile connectivity growth has had a dynamic impact in Africa.

The future of Telecoms in Africa - The “blueprint for the brave”

Africa can no longer be considered the Dark Continent. Given the rate at which mobile connectivity is growing, it seems only natural that the way business is done will change. But how will Telco’s embrace this change and are they even ready for it?

Indigenous companies, foreign investors, and global players have all made significant investment into the continent or certainly parts of it. Even governments are waking up to the opportunity to regulate and to auction spectrum and licences.

Deloitte has recently completed an in-depth analysis of the market, its trends, and the drivers of it. We are convinced that there will be consolidation in the telecommunications sector and inevitably more inbound investment as the market opens up and the economic returns improve. To read more, download the full report.

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