Deloitte CFO Reports 2014


Deloitte CFO Reports 2014

Climbing and conquering more mountains

The annual CFO survey unveils the current mind-set of CFOs in Africa and beyond. In Africa, this year’s Deloitte CFO Survey received an overwhelming response from CFOs in South, Southern, East and West Africa. The survey reports promise to be the most comprehensive reflection of African CFOs’ views yet – with 73% of CFO survey participants from companies with an international footprint. They reveal valuable insights into the surveyed CFOs’ underlying mood, as well as the underlying drivers of the business approach and strategic choices of these CFOs.

2014 CFO Survey Report for Nigeria

Deloitte proudly presents its CFO Survey for West Africa. This report focuses on the two biggest economies in the region, namely Nigeria and Ghana. It also provides comparisons to Southern and East Africa.

This report aim to give you a better understanding of the underlying mood of West African CFOs and to reveal the underlying drivers of the behaviour and strategic choices of these CFOs. Through the survey, Deloitte has determined whether there is a convergence or divergence of views on a number of topics and whether there are common trends among actions proposed by CFOs that may be insightful to their peers and to other readers of this report.

Discover rich insights into what is top of mind for CFOs in West Africa, as they navigate through today’s challenging but exciting times.

2014 Deloitte West Africa CFO Survey
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