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Making the world your oyster

With a far reaching global network of member firms, extensive industry sector knowledge and outstanding credentials, the world truly is your oyster with Deloitte.

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Critically, Corporate Finance specialists bring to the table scale, international reach and local market insight, combined with market-leading industry sector and product experience.

Our Financial Advisory specialists support clients ranging from corporate and financial investors to governments, private companies, and individuals, in the provision of independent financial advice. 

Whether you are seeking to expand either organically or through acquisition, realise value through a disposal or restructuring, raise new finance or improve balance sheet funding efficiencies, our emphasis is on delivering innovative effective solutions tailored towards your specific requirements.

With a far reaching global network, extensive industry sector knowledge and outstanding credentials, the world truly is your oyster with Deloitte.

Critically, our experts bring to the table scale, reach and local market insight, combined with market-leading industry sector and product experience.

  • M&A Strategy and Advisory
  • Expanding or buying a business
  • Selling a business or subsidiary
  • Debt Advisory and Capital Raising
  • Business Modelling
  • Economic Consulting
  • Infrastructure Advisory
  • Management Advisory
  • Private Equity Advisory
  • Flotation Advisory & Public Share Offering Advisory
  • Project Finance
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Planning

M&A strategy and advisory

The decision to embark upon an M&A transaction is not one to be taken lightly. Whether pursuing a merger or acquisition, or considering a disposal or divestiture, the complexities of an M&A transaction require careful planning and execution.

Deloitte's global network of member firms works with clients ranging from corporates and privately-owned companies to private equity and management teams. Our member firms advise on all aspects of M&A strategy, planning, and deal execution -- and provide access to an international network of contacts, in-depth industry knowledge and local market insight.

Clients can depend on specialist teams to lead or support transactions requiring specific expertise on issues including business modelling, fast-track M&A, economic consulting, and government/public sector advice. With deep experience, knowledge, and tools, Deloitte's network of member firms delivers insights and advice that can help clients avoid the many pitfalls of complex deals and benefit from an M&A transaction that can meet stakeholder targets and expectations.

Debt and capital advisory

A sound debt and capital strategy requires close alignment with business needs – as well as reliable objectivity.

In the face of rapid changes, uncertainty, and stress in global debt markets, companies looking for unbiased advice and world-class execution resource can depend on Deloitte. Being independent ensures that its objectives are fully aligned with those of its clients.

Across its global network of member firms, and with debt professionals located in more than 30 countries, Deloitte has advised clients ranging from public and private companies, private equity houses, and their investee companies, to financial institutions and governments. With an emphasis on delivering outstanding outcomes for clients, providing an in-depth knowledge and understanding of debt markets – Deloitte's ability to leverage  elationships with banks and financial institutions being instrumental toward achieving client goals.

Infrastructure advisory

Infrastructure projects are often massive undertakings that present unique challenges. Deloitte has the knowledge, track record, and expertise to help clients get the job done.

Effective delivery of infrastructure projects requires a strategic understanding of the relevant service drivers – and the ability to achieve them in a commercially relevant and useful way. From there, organizations must build drivers into service delivery and manage the realization of benefits.

Deloitte's member firms’ infrastructure delivery services teams draw from an array of specialists who help support infrastructure projects through every phase. Completion is only one metric of an infrastructure project outcome. Deloitte goes beyond the design and contract to help clients achieve commercially sound outcomes aligned to their strategic objectives.  

Economic consulting

Although the economy has a major impact on all kinds of organizations, it isn’t always clear what the specific effects will be. Deloitte provides specialist economic advice tailored to the needs of organizations in the public sector, private sector, government, and regulatory space.

The economic consulting specialists across the Deloitte member firm network help clients address business, consumer, and regulatory issues using deep industry knowledge combined with micro-economics, statistical, economic, and financial expertise.

Whether clients are grappling with strategic, regulatory, or commercial challenges, Deloitte's economic consulting teams can help them make smarter, more effective decisions.