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Detective Services

Helping clients look beyond the obvious

Our attentiveness to detail is efficiently designed to provide insight into unprecedented occurrences that could pose threats to our clients’ businesses. As a global forensic leader, Deloitte helps its clients mitigate risks and vulnerabilities resulting from global corruption, fraud, and other business related threats. Our team of forensic professionals analyzes allegations of financial mismanagement, address whistleblower allegations, respond to government regulatory requests, and predict problems — before they occur. Our global network work together to conduct extensive fact-findings and investigations anywhere in the world, with service offerings in corporate investigations and anti-corruption/anti-fraud consulting.

Our range of detective services include:

Fraud & employee misconduct investigation

We combine our highly specialized skills in the areas of corporate investigations and anti-fraud consulting with keen financial acumen and advanced analytics to produce transformative insights which help our clients move ahead with confidence, amidst an environment of expanding global contingency and increased regulation within the workplace. 

Fraud Risk Management

Our services are tailored to enable our clients integrate fraud risk management into their business and strategic processes in order to effectively calculate risks and appropriately detect potential fraud risks. We provide a range of services to help our clients with their risk management issues, including:

  • Identification and prioritization of enterprise-wide risks
  • Assessment of an organization's risk capabilities
  • Development of the tools, processes, and organizational structures needed to build a robust and sustainable risk management program

E-discovery (Digital Forensics)

Our state-of-the-art Electronic Discovery Solutions Center - the centerpiece of our data collection, processing, and hosting capabilities - provides clients with the security, scalability, and technical support that our clients' sensitive data requires.

Bribery & Corruption Reviews (FCPA & UK Bribery Act Compliance)

With several years of anti-corruption experience, our specialists provide clients with a variety of proactive and reactive anti-corruption compliance services, including:

  • Compliance program assessments and health checks: Assessing the design and effectiveness of existing anti-corruption compliance programs, including the review of third parties based on third party contracts.
  • Compliance program development and enhancement: Establishing new or refining existing compliance programs with a focus on mitigating potential corruption risks, both proactively (risk assessments) and reactively (investigative findings).
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence: In acquisitions, focusing on identifying potential corruption issues and risks of successor liability, and in divestments, assessing anti-corruption compliance and identifying potential issues that may arise during due diligence.
  • Internal forensic investigations: Investigating corruption allegations and using forensic resources, technology tools, and subject matter specialists to enhance the efficiency of the investigative process.
  • Third-party forensic assessments and investigations: Assisting in exercising companies’ audit rights to review and assess certain third-party relationships, whether as part of a normal audit cycle or to investigate specific allegations of potential corruption-related misconduct.
  • Third-party due diligence: Performing background investigations of individuals and business entities in various investigative contexts, leveraging our proprietary analytics platform to gather and risk-rank third-party data, as well as manage the investigative background research performed on those third parties.

Contract Compliance Reviews

Deloitte Contract Compliance services not only help companies identify key contracts faster, but also facilitate the enforcement of company rights, renegotiate contracts and identify areas of revenue loss or stranded costs. It enables companies meet legal and regulatory requirements in a timely manner, as well as protect them against the risks of non-compliance.