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Predictive Services

Helping clients identify potential risks

We believe that every business leader should possess the ability to proactively manage potential business risks, hence our team is committed to helping our clients uncover emerging business threats through the use of industry-leading technology.

Our range of predictive services includes:

Integrity Due Diligence/ Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence consultants help organizations to understand their environment, recognize and act on potential threats that may arise while providing organizations with a structured approach to govern and implement  physical security. These measures help our clients safeguard their assets from an ever increasing number of threats.

Integrity Due Diligence/ Business Intelligence

Procurement Due Diligence

Fraud and corruption in the procurement cycle (such as illicit rebates, kickbacks and dubious vendor relationships) are all too common and difficult to detect, prove or prosecute. While the risk can never be fully eliminated, Deloitte provides its clients with thoughtful and robust controls to effectively prevent procurement irregularities.

Procurement Due Dilligence

Forensic Service Line Trainings

We provide insightful trainings to our clients and their stakeholders, sensitizing them on requisite forensic systems and processes relevant to their areas of specialization. Our course modules provide technical knowledge and skills which leverage off the professional experience of our team acquired from handling several forensic service engagements.

Forensic Service Line Trainings