Deloitte School of Tax


Deloitte School of Tax

Our goal at the Deloitte School of Tax is to dispense knowledge to finance and tax professionals in order to build their core tax knowledge by simplifying the complexity of tax.

At the Deloitte School of Tax, we provide attendees with not only the theoretically knowledge of the various regulations, but a practical understanding of their implications to their organizations.

Our instructors are drawn from a pool of tax practitioners and industry experts. Their skills, knowledge and ability to communicate are key to providing a one of a kind learning experience.

Our courses include:

  1. Managing Transaction Taxes: Understanding Monthly Tax Compliance Requirements
  2. Deferred Tax – Recognition, Measurement and Accounting
  3. Tax Planning – Harnessing available incentives
  4. Bookkeeping and Taxation for Small and Medium Enterprises
  5. Principles, Practice and Recent Developments in Tax Assessments for Companies in Nigeria
  6. Transfer Pricing – Post Implementation Issues and Recent Developments
  7. Tax Audits and Investigation – Practical Approach to Minimizing and Resolving Disputes
  8. Managing Employee Related Taxes and Statutory Deductions
  9. Taxation in the Oil and Gas Sector – A Critical Review of Pending Regulatory Changes
  10. Expatriates and Global Mobility: Immigration and Tax Requirements
  11. Monthly Tax Compliance Master Class – Transaction Tax Management for Related Party Activities
  12. Employees and Executive Compensation Planning

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