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Deloitte School of Tax

Our courses at the Deloitte School of Tax (DSOT) are structured to provide quality learning and current information to participants. We believe this will lead to high performance and improved efficiency. We have experienced faculties who provide practical solutions/insights to issues.

One Day Courses

Our One Day Courses at the Deloitte School of Tax are designed to provide attendees with not only the theoretically knowledge of the various regulations, but a practical understanding of their implications to their organizations.

We have a wide range of courses including; Managing Transaction Taxes, Deferred Tax Recognition, Measurement and Accounting, Harnessing Available Tax Incentives, Practical Approach to Minimising Tax Disputes, etc.

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Five Day Courses

The Tax Consulting Proficiency Course (TCPC) is a five days training segmented into three proficiency level: basic, advanced and mastery. It is an intense and practical-oriented training curriculum built to upscale tax professionals’ competence. Credit hours are available for members of ICAN and CITN. Click here for more on TCPC

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