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Beyond linear - A framework for addressing exponential business processes in today’s insights-driven organization

The traditional linear flow of business processes is giving way to a more dynamic model. In the new exponential model, needs for information, insights, and actions are embedded throughout transactions and digital user engagement. It’s a simple-sounding idea, but this new approach calls for a framework that focuses on five essential themes—all of which have to fit tightly together to enable an effective business transformation. And at the center of it all: SAP® solutions. Learn more from Deloitte.

Beyond linear
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Deloitte SAP® Analytics Factory

What kinds of analytics capabilities do you need to efficiently support both planned and unplanned decisions? An analytics “factory” provides the systems you need to make planned decisions, as well as support for on-the-fly studies that can help you deal with changing market conditions and unplanned decisions in every key business area, from sales and marketing to finance and supply chain.

sap analytics factory
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Energy-efficient In-Memory Computing for SAP HANA Powered by In-Time Engine

When maxing out the capacity of your analytics systems, you traditionally had only two options: You could scale up by adding additional CPUs or memory to the existing server, or you could scale out by adding more servers. Deloitte’s In-Time engine offers a third option: scaling smart by using logical partitioning and improved parallelization to reduce CPU and memory consumption for high-load analytics, effectively squeezing more analytics from the same hardware. The results? Significant savings in money, energy, and resources.

energy efficient in-memory computing
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Instant Insight to Action: How SAP® Business Suite 4 SAP HANA® (SAP S/4HANA)-driven analytics capabilities are helping reshape business processes for the better

Real-time analytics can completely transform how business is done by compressing the sequential steps of a process to the point that they essentially occur in parallel or instantaneously. Think of how today’s Internet search engines offer suggestions and related information the moment you start typing, refining their recommendations on the fly as you enter more letters. That’s what real-time analytics can do for business processes, whether it’s pulling up customer data and offering upsell and cross-sell recommendations while taking an order, or turning the purchase-order process upside down by analyzing and presenting purchase options from the entire universe of vendors and then homing in on the best option, instead of getting locked into a particular vendor from step one.

business suite 4 sap hana insight action
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SAP Pricing on SAP HANA: Pricing at the speed of business

The ability to re-price entire product catalogs with customer-specific prices daily, or to calculate prices for an online order in real time, can make the difference between capturing a customer order and losing out to the competition. SAP HANA® can calculate dynamic pricing almost 900 times faster than traditional solutions, using real-time insights such as production acquisition costs, market demand, available discounts, and supplier agreements. The results? More competitive pricing, enhanced cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, greater sales penetration, and increased customer retention.

sap hana pricing
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SAP® S/4HANA + Deloitte: The clarity you seek, the value you need

The evolving vision of business is one in which our hyperconnected and data-rich world can become simpler. It’s a vision in which all stakeholders travel a common digital path that traverses all business functions—with actionable insights, intuitive interfaces, and connectivity that spans from cloud infrastructures to handheld mobile technologies. As a digital core platform, SAP® S/4HANA helps enable that vision. But getting the value you need from SAP S/4HANA requires deep knowledge and strategy—on the business front as well as the technology front. Learn what it takes to unlock value with SAP S/4HANA. 

The clarity you seek
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SAP Replatforming and Modernization – Moving towards new value

To tap value in a rapidly evolving digital world, many organizations will have to assess whether they have the right technology solutions in place to address future business needs. Modernizing IT and replatforming on SAP to meet those needs requires an ability to determine your vision, understand your current capabilities, and develop a meaningful path forward. A strategy focused on business value and crafted with flexibility in mind can help. Critical tools such as the Deloitte Platform Analyzer also can help.

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Tech Trends 2015
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How the fast get faster - In-Time™ for SAP S/4HANA® and SAP HANA® Platform

SAP’s S/4HANA technology is already transforming how businesses use data. But what if you could make HANA even more powerful? That’s exactly what Deloitte’s In-Time software is designed to do, by further optimizing available system resources and ramping up response and processing time. Learn more about In-Time with this short overview.

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How the fast get faster - SAP HANA® and In-Time™ for Profit Contribution Reports

Profit contribution reporting (PCR) has always presented a tough challenge for modeling tools, affecting production runtimes and response times. But with SAP S/4HANA, boosted by Deloitte’s In-Time software to ramp up response and processing time, it’s possible to tame even the most difficult PCR performance challenges. Learn more out using In-Time with PCR in this short overview.

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