Deloitte + SAP

Is it time for your organization to do something new? If so, it will take process improvement, technology innovation, and people who are prepared and ready for what’s next. That’s where Deloitte’s alliance with SAP can make all the difference. Let’s do something new – together.


Customer relationship management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) revolves around response, service, and understanding—all supported by better information management. It’s an area where SAP® technologies excel. Deloitte’s network of member firms provides insights on leveraging SAP to strengthen customer relationships.


Financial operations

In today’s competitive environment, those who manage money understand that effective technology deployment is critical for delivering results. Read insights from the Deloitte network of member firms on the potential of SAP to improve finance, unlock value, and deliver results that matter.


Sourcing and procurement

Deloitte’s network of member firms provides a wealth of SAP-based knowledge that procurement executives can draw on to enhance value throughout their purchasing organization. Explore our knowledge base on how to leverage SAP solutions to drive business value end to end.


SAP Radio

Listen to recent insights on today’s most pressing business topics on SAP Radio.


Deloitte Global SAP Practice

Deloitte is a proud participant in several upcoming events.