Annelies Gerretsen

Change Management


Annelies Gerretsen

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At Deloitte Netherlands I am leading the Technology Adoption service offering (part of change management). Technology Adoption is about helping our clients address the people challenges of a business driven technology implementation. We have a great team which is growing rapidly. Most of the client projects I have worked on have been at companies in the Energy & Resources and Manufacturing industries. For example, I led the change management work stream of a global ERP implementation at a mining company, and of a project enabling a new IT department at a chemicals company. Also, I managed various HR/ Talent projects at an oil & gas company. I enjoy the most to work on complex, international business transformations with multiple stakeholders from any level, culture and background. Before and during my job at Deloitte I have lived and worked in multiple countries across Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Annelies Gerretsen