Cedric Van Bockhaven

Risk Advisory

Specialist Master

Cedric Van Bockhaven

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

For navigation: Gustav Mahlerlaan 3004

1081 LA Amsterdam


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Cedric works as a Red Team Operator in the Deloitte Cyber Secure team and performs projects across all sectors. He provides both internal and external trainings with a heavy focus on the technical side of security topics.

Hackazon (Deloitte’s Capture the Flag platform) is Cedric’s creative outlet to create new technical hands-on cyber security exercises that can be solved participants. Cedric also organizes and facilitates these events.

Cedric is a certified CISSP, GICSP, OSCP, OSCE, and followed trainings such as Corelan ADVANCED.

Cedric Van Bockhaven