Els Aarts

Organization Design Consumer Business

Senior Manager

Els Aarts

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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Els Aarts is senior manager at Deloitte Consulting and is service line leader of the Organizational Design service line of Deloitte's Human Capital Advisory Services in the Netherlands. Els has 17 years of experience in reorganisation / transformation assignments, organisational assessment, organisational design, process analysis, performance improvement and (behavioural) change management. She combines hard and soft skills and prefers to lead projects with both aspects. In general her role is the project / programma management or change management role. She is used to working with multidisciplinary teams.
She has interest in the THL segment of the Consumer Business industry. Els lives with her partner and 3 children in Amsterdam. :
Els has studied Public Administration at Leiden University and also Social Sciences / Organisational Psychology at the University of Utrecht.

Els Aarts