Gert-Jan Bruggink

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Gert-Jan Bruggink

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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Hi folks!

My primary role at Deloitte is to assist leaders in making informed decisions by utilizing cyber threat intelligence. In addition to that I’m helping those leaders implement relevant and sustainable cyber defenses through strategic change.

Currently I’m heading the Netherlands Cyber Threat Intelligence practice, where I’m leading a global top tier intel team which specializes in strategic & operational intelligence products, managed tactical threat information and intelligence led (red team) exercises.

Proven track record in creating intelligence products, developing and driving crossboarder intelligence programs and developing cyber transformation programs from start to finish. Have a broad skillset and range of experience, ranging from strategist to implementer. Passionate, pragmatic, analytical & entrepreneurial.

Professionally I'm motivated by translating what’s happenings in the outside world to actionable products for an organisation and support them in the amazing journey that comes next. Seatbelt on, let's go!

Got any questions? Let’s grab a coffee together!

Gert-Jan Bruggink