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Godfried Schutz

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Godfried is a partner International Tax based out of the Amsterdam office. Godfried has over 20 years of experience in advising multinational corporations and private equity funds in establishing and structuring their international operations in the Netherlands, or in investing through the Netherlands into other jurisdictions. His focus is predominantly on the Northern American market (United States & Canada).

Godfried spent 9 years working in the Deloitte New York office on the Netherlands ICE desk (2006-2020, 2015-2020), where he gained deep knowledge on the interaction between the tax systems of the USA, the Netherlands, the EU and numerous other tax systems.

His specialties include group restructuring and financing, investment structuring, mergers and acquisitions, repatriation of income planning and tax treaties. In addition to his experience working in the United States and the Netherlands, he has handled various investments throughout Asia, Central America and Latin America.

Godfried Schutz