Lisa Körting

Consulting - Technology


Lisa Körting

I am a consultant at Deloitte Consulting in Germany. I am strongly involved in our IT M&A, IT Project Management and the Life Sciences and Health Care Industry.

I have been working in the German Technology Strategy & Architecture practice since September 2014 where I am meanwhile mainly based in the IT M&A practice (I prefer projects in the M&A area and I organize and partially conduct IT M&A trainings on EMEA basis). As I have many interests in my job, I am furthermore part of the IT Transformation as well as an active member in the LSHC industry (also on an EMEA basis), in which I moderate the LSHC Technology Community call across all German Technology Service areas. I am currently also part of a Hospital CIO survey where I collaborate with the Dutch Deloitte member firm.

My background is Health Informatics, which gave me deep insights into the Health Care industry with a focus on information management in the public health sector and process cycles of IT in a Hospital.

In my spare time, I am very interested in travelling as much as possible, different cultures as well as medicine and sports.

Lisa Körting