Martine van Oijen



Martine van Oijen

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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As from September 2016, I work as a legal consultant with Deloitte Legal. I advise national and international clients on a variety of issues of corporate law, such as the setting up and the reorganization of corporate structures, financing transactions, demergers, mergers and share transactions.

I have extensive experience in legally assisting high potential innovation projects and scale ups in their way to become the future market leader. I also like to work for companies within the consumer business industry, because I am particularly interested in the human aspects connected with this industry. Therefore, I always look at the interests of the humans behind the company and the human aspects of the process. Moreover, I will always make my best efforts to opt for the most practical solution for the client.

One of my other characteristics is that I constantly look for (business) opportunities.

Martine van Oijen