Nora Lindt

Consulting - Technology


Nora Lindt

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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I work within Deloitte’s Technology consulting practice. I have an academic background in international business focused on strategy and innovation which I combine with my work experience with technology, data management and analytics. I joined Deloitte in May 2016 and I am focusing on applying and expanding my skills and expertise in the area around the Internet of Things. I find this a fascinating concept from both, a business value and technology perspective. I want to apply IoT to sustainability and client challenges and create innovative solutions that make an impact. Lastly, (according to the business chemistry test) I appear to be a true ‘integrator’ and ‘pioneer’, which apparently means that I am all about connecting, purpose, and exploring possibilities. This sounds about right to me.

Nora Lindt