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Please allow me to shortly introduce myself. My name is René van Gassen, working for Deloitte’s Tax Technology Consulting (TTC) team. Over the course of my career I was involved in auditing the (consolidated) tax position of large multinationals and served the largest Dutch multinationals to transform their tax accounting and reporting process.
Where tax accounting already is a niche practice, tax accounting process optimization is even more. Tax departments are feeling the heat during each closing period. Overreliance on spreadsheets, outdated technology and a lack of integration between tax and finance systems can hamper a tax departments’ ability to obtain and analyze the data needed for timely and accurate tax accounting and reporting. With the recent Pillar II developments this is becoming even more critical. That’s the reason when we come in! To help them out!
We assist tax departments in understanding requirements for the design, selection and implementation of tax reporting solutions for global and local purposes. Me and my team speak the language of Finance, Tax and IT. I have in-depth tax accounting knowledge and experience with implementing a new tax accounting process enabled by a solution from MS Excel to integrated enterprise performance management solutions. Building the bridge between these still relatively standalone operating departments is something I have a genuine passion for!
During the last couple of years I built the relationship with software engineers, such as Longview Tax, Thomson Reuters OTP, CCH Global Integrator, Vertex, Oracle HTP and Oracle TRCS. We have served as Oracle lead design advisor throughout the development of HTP and TRCS.

René van Gassen