Roy Halstead

Consulting IoT Innovation Manager


Roy Halstead

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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I work within Deloitte’s IoT center of excellence in Amsterdam with a focus on smart building and digital innovation program. One of the main activities is co – leading the technology and strategy deployment within The Edge Smart building where we focus on Employee, visitor and operations experience. Tied to this, I focus in delivering workshops around the art of the possible concerning the IoT domain.

Originally, my background is in Art History with a deep routed passion for technology, specifically IoT. Albeit them , IoT and Blockchain has hugely benefited the Art Market if we think examples such as provenance and logistics.

Last but not least, I’m currently based in Amsterdam, where I enjoy the cultural variety the city has to offer. This also helps me further research one of the most distinctive periods in art, the Dutch golden age.

Roy Halstead