Richard A.J. Roovers



Richard A.J. Roovers

Stadionstraat 4a

4815 NG Breda


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After I studied fiscal law I started working for the Dutch IRS. In 1992, having further developed as/into a corporate income tax specialist, I decided to cross over to the “other side” and started as a tax lawyer at Deloitte. My main focus areas were Mid Market and larger entities, with a nice mix of family owned and corporates. I had and have the privilege to work with magnificent clients. In 2004 I was appointed as a member of the MT Tax, later becoming the cfo of Tax and was responsible for the regional markets and Tax Management Consulting. At the beginning of 2012 I became the managing partner of Tax & Legal and member of the Exec Board (later Exec Committee), member of the Global Tax & Legal Executive, EMEA Executive for Tax&Legal and NWE T&L Executive. In 2017 I was appointed Global Tax Controversy Leader and took on a leading role in the Innovation area. Furthermore I’m delighted to spend more time on my clients again.

Richard A.J. Roovers