Posted: 11 Mar. 2022

We are building some incredible solutions

A glimpse into the career and life of an engineering manager at Deloitte Digital, Joris Westerveld. Joris started his career with Deloitte Netherlands seven years ago as a junior Salesforce developer. He now manages large Salesforce implementations for our clients.

  • Tell us about yourself and your career?

    I started working at Deloitte in October 2014, which now feels like ages ago! Clearly this was a good decision: I’m still sticking around. I’ve been doing some amazing work at different clients, but the good vibes within the teams is what dominates the memories I have!
    I love drumming, Lego and fermentation! Also – for those not aware, I run a daily cat picture email! A picture of a Deloitte cat delivered to you every working day!

  • Which project are you working on and what is your current role?

    Currently acting as development lead at an ecommerce team of a large Dutch automobile importer. We are building some incredible store fronts in which the general population can lease and buy cars. Very interesting to see how Salesforce peripherals (Cloudcraze, external CMS, external IPs, experience cloud) come together. Apart from that I’m affiliated with the Foodcoach initiative at Jumbo (a prominent Dutch supermarket chain). My role there is not easy to define, but we’re doing incredible things there. Recently we supported the Dutch Paralympic athletes in Tokyo navigating the food courts over there!

  • What kind of development do you enjoy the most?

    Honestly doesn’t really matter what technology it is: I love the daily puzzle we have on the projects and figuring out how to solve that the most elegant/efficient way. The versatility of the platform and choice of solution direction is what makes it so enjoyable.

  • What is something you have built that you are most proud of?

    • Back in the day I built a profile comparing tool using Lightning Components. It was VERY verbose and didn’t perform very well, but it had a crazy learning curve and was pure fun. It involved Lightning Components and the metadata API which were completely new to me.
    • At a small ad-distribution company, I once built a 100% custom CPQ solution. Absolutely crazy but it ended up being a beautiful tool.
    • Of course, the Foodcoach. I have been part of that project almost from the start and I consider it as one of the most defining pieces of work of my career.

  • How do you keep up with the latest technology developments?

    Most of what learn I get through clients. The supermarket chain that I consult for has a sizeable development organization in which very different types of expertise come together. Being exposed to that is very helpful. We also have monthly Deloitte NL engineering meet ups where we exchange ideas and discuss the latest and greatest across projects and newly launched salesforce features. Other than that Trailhead is the place to be.

  • Would you like to share some tips on work-life balance and productivity?

    •  Limit meat and sugar intake!
    • Get some sleep!
    • Go exercise!
    •   (Top three I consider as the major foundation for a healthy mind and healthy body).
    • Define what a successful life means for you. It’s very easy to get a skewed idea of this and it can really limit your potential.
    • Don’t procrastinate (which is easier said than done).

  • What are your interests outside of work?

    I’m an avid drummer – playing in a metal band “Mask of Insanity”, you can look it up on Spotify, and several orchestras. Also love to involve myself with fermentation projects – kombucha’s, vinegars, hot sauces, kefir and beer. And last but not least, I’m crazy about Lego having acquired a sizeable collection which gives me lots of happiness from building (and drinking beer) with my friends!


Joris Westerveld

Joris Westerveld

Specialist Lead

Joris is a senior Salesforce engineer with deep knowledge and passion for both technical and declarative platform capabilities as well as peripherals like CI/CD and Enterprise Design Patterns. Ask me about flows! Crazy about drums, fermentation and Lego! Salesforce trailblazer link: