HackLab: Hardware Hacking

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Smartphones, drones, set-top boxes, smart TVs, IP cameras, IOT devices are all part of our everyday lives. We enjoy, cherish and take them everywhere we go. However are the wonderful functionalities and fun they bring to our lives a good reason to trust them? Remember that they sometime hold the most valuable information we have, can open our garage door, turn on our lights or provide us wireless connection to the Internet.

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Target Group

  • Security managers
  • Security engineers
  • IT professionals
  • IT auditors with interest in hacking

Participants should have fundamental insight into operating systems. Digital electronics, soldering and embedded systems knowledge is not required but is an advantage.


Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Communication protocols and ports theory
  • How to analyse an Integrated Circuit (IC) and look for important components/backdoors
  • Communication protocols and ports practical analysis

Day 2

  • Understanding embedded memory types and function
  • Soldering, unsoldering and dumping memories
  • Common hardware countermeasures used by vendors

Day 3

  • Modifying, reversing firmware
  • Capture the flag exercise on hardware
  • Recap
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The costs for the three day course are € 1500 ex VAT. Catering (lunch) and course materials are included in the price.

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'Researching a large amount of different sources everyday, I feel like the application of the four CTI principles and the discussed validation techniques will help to improve the quality of my work significantly'


Jilles Groenendijk

Jilles Groenendijk

Junior Manager

Jilles has been involved as an Ethical Hardware Hacker in a variety of projects for multiple industries. His field of expertise is based around hardware security testing and continues improvement of managed security monitoring. Jilles is passionate about sharing knowledge; from teaching children the ethics of hacking to revealing the secrets of hardware hacking in jam-sessions.

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