Introduction to Cryptography

Learn about the practical side of cryptography by discussing common use cases we see every day in our own lives and at our clients.

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Every day people share information. Much of this information is confidential. However, few of these exchanges are secured proportionally to their importance/sensitivity. This course covers techniques for correctly encrypting and exchanging messages and technical pitfalls related to them. Participants learn how cryptography is applied in practice through discussing several scenarios and use cases.

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Course Objectives 

In a contemporary society where trove of sensitive data is constantly being generated, processed and transmitted via multiple media, it is important to protect this data by protecting properties such as confidentiality and integrity of these data when either in transit or at rest.

In this 2-day course, we start our journey with historical cryptographic techniques, and build up to their modern counterpart which are built on mathematical definitions and which form the core of most security measures implemented in secure internet communication, online banking and social media activities.

The goal of this course is to give the participants a basic understanding of the cryptographic concepts and how they are used in practical applications, the associated risks and other advancements.

This will include practice and gain knowledge through several exercises in which participants apply these cryptographic techniques and find out what could go wrong. To see how the mathematical concepts are applied in practice, the participants work through several scenarios (such as data encryption and VPN access) and learn how these concepts are applied to everyday problems.

Target Group

  • Security managers
  • Risk managers
  • IT security professionals
  • IT auditors
  • Security officers

..that are interested in learning about the wide spread practical use of cryptography, risks and practical implementations, and how to approach secure implementation of solutions using cryptography tools and keys.


Day 1

  • Module A:
    • Introduction to cryptography and concept of security
    • Historical and modern ciphers
    • One way functions and hash algorithms
    • Block ciphers and modes of operation
Day 2
  • Module B:
    • Public Key cryptography and application in secure web surfing
    • Key distribution (generating public keys and managing these keys during its lifespan)
    • Certificate management

Day 3

  • Module C:
    • Authentication Schemes and Protocols (Kerberos, WPA, WEP, VPN etc.)
    • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
    • Data Encryption
    • Key Management
Day 4
  • Module D:
    • Privacy Enhancing Techniques (PETs)
    • Homomorphic Encryption and Multi-Party Computation
    • Blockchain Technology
    • Quantum Computing and Cryptography

Practical exercises and examples are being given throughout the course.

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Linda Otte

Linda Otte

Risk Advisory

Ik ben verantwoordelijk voor Learning in het Cyber Risk team. In deze rol ben ik verantwoordelijk om de ultieme learning expercience te creëren voor onze interne professionals. Daarnaast ben ik verantwoordelijk voor de Cyber trainingen die wij aan onze klanten of potentiële klaten aanbieden. Naast learning & development is het coachen van mensen mijn tweede passie. Ik ben dan ook een gecertificeerd coach op het gebied van work/life balance & career coaching.

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