Audit Impact Week at Deloitte

A week to introduce our employees of the Audit & Assurance practice with the Deloitte Impact Foundation and various other standalone charity projects to make an 'Impact that Matters'.

Deloitte Impact Foundation

The Deloitte Impact Foundation focuses on 3 pillars: Education & Employment (WorldClass), Sustainability and Inclusive Society. Within these pillars, we either give our employees the opportunity to start their own projects, making an impact through their own capabilities and expertise, or helping an existing project where we connect with organizations and NGOs that need help and who we support with scaling and innovation solutions. During the Audit Impact Week, we have connected with multiple Foundations throughout the Netherlands to organize various projects. The projects which we have initiated can be categorized within one of the 3 pillars of the Deloitte Impact Foundation and are corresponding to the following topics: children, refugees, environment, and food. 

Children | JINC

A group of enthusiastic employees were given an introduction by the JINC organization to the several initiatives in which they can take part via the Deloitte Impact Foundation. JINC is an organization which helps youth with a socio-economic disadvantage to prepare them for their first steps into the labor market. During the workshop in the Edge in Amsterdam, the focus was on the project ‘Bliksemstage’. This project is set-up to help children to discover sectors and professions which exists that suits their interest. The goal of the project is to ensure that children broaden their horizons, so they are well prepared to make a good choice for further education. During the workshop over 20 employees were present, where multiple people already showed interest in becoming part of the multiple JINC initiatives organized during the year.

Children | Stichting Babyspullen

As part of the Audit Impact week, the Audit & Assurance employees in Alkmaar have spent an afternoon assisting ‘Stichting Babyspullen’ in Heerhugowaard. This foundation collects multiple items which a family needs when they have a newborn baby such as used and new clothing, care products, and other items (stuffed toys, pacifiers, and diapers). With these items the foundation makes baby starter kits for new parents who are struggling financially. Our Deloitte employees have been helping to assemble these starter kits and sort the various products which have been donated to the foundation.

Refugees | Red Cross Humanitarian Service Points

Throughout the week, multiple employees have been dedicating their time and efforts to help at the Humanitarian Service Point in Amsterdam and Utrecht. A Humanitarian Service Point, found on multiple train stations, is the first place where Ukrainian refugees arrive in Netherlands, before they are redirect to other shelters elsewhere in the region. Our volunteers have welcomed the refugees, helped answering any questions they may had and supported them in getting them to their next location. Through this project, our employees gained a better understanding on the impact the Russia/Ukraine war has on the people who have fled the country.

Sustainability | Plastic Whale

On Tuesday fourteenth of June, the largest project of the Audit Impact Week took place. A total of 48 employees joined the plastic fishing project in collaboration with social enterprise ‘Plastic Whale’ in Rotterdam. Christelle Lubbe, who was the Project Manager of this project; “It was such a fun day! I cannot believe the enthusiasm my colleagues have shown to take part in this project. We had people almost falling into ‘De Rotte’ just to get to a Red Bull can out of the water!” The project was very successful as we have removed almost 30 kilo of waste from the waters of Rotterdam. All the participants were stunned about the amount of waste floating in our canals and were dedicated to raise more awareness around plastic pollution and how we can prevent it from ending up in our oceans.

Food | Voedselbank

Multiple projects have been taking place for the Voedselbank located in Veghel, Zwolle and Spijkenisse. The Voedselbank is an organization which prepares food packages for families who are living below the poverty line. Our employees helped in various ways the volunteers of the Voedselbank, by packaging and labelling food and cleaning and preparing crates. In Spijkenisse our employees also helped by handing out the packages to the families which are coming over once per week to collect their food package. Realizing the number of families in need for the aid of the Voedselbank showed our employees the importance of this Foundation and how it helps families with realizing one of their basic needs being food.

DIF Workshop

Besides the above projects, we have also organized multiple online ‘Deloitte Impact Foundation Workshops’ for employees which were not able to join the Audit Impact Week. These workshops were organized in all four clusters of the Audit & Assurance business. Our employees were introduced to the Deloitte Impact Foundation, and we have showed them how they can start their own initiative or join an existing initiative of the Foundation. Through these workshops we have reached over 100 employees who are now equipped to start making an impact via DIF.

Continuous Impact

We have made a positive impact on society with all the initiatives during the Impact Week. We are happy with the contribution by our Audit & Assurance department during this week who really showed how to make an ‘Impact that matters’. We are committed to continue our journey on making an impact on society through the Deloitte Impact Foundation and are looking forward to the Audit Impact Week of 2023!

If you have any questions in relation to the Audit Impact Week, please reach out to our Audit Purpose Lead: Remy Maarschalk 

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