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Boss of Tomorrow

Every year the Deloitte Impact Foundation participates in JINC’s one-day programme called ‘Boss of Tomorrow’ (Dutch: Baas van Morgen). 

What better way to inspire children to get the best out of themselves than by making them in charge for a day. JINC’s ‘Boss of Tomorrow’ programme annually offers this opportunity to hundreds of students from neighborhoods with a socio-economic disadvantage.


JINC supports children that grow up in an environment with little professional role models. These children have dreams and are talented, but need a little push. They miss a valuable network and lack places to train professional skills and knowledge that they need in the future. By participating with de ‘Baas van Morgen’ and other JINC projects, Deloitte tries to help these children. And this can be seen as a win-win, because Deloitte can learn from the ideas and opinions of children as well.

Boss of Tomorrow 2020

As CEO for a day, Stijn worked on a very important challenge: how can we manage good cooperation between colleagues, robots and technology? Our ‘Boss of Tomorrow’ investigated how to handle these topics in an ever changing environment. He held interviews about differences between people, how we can use robots and what a good working environment entails. His advice to our CEO, Hans Honig is pretty clear: ‘You need different opinions to come to the right conclusions; we should be able to work without technology, but as long as that it is not necessary, technology is very handy; and, there must be a good balance between having fun at work and being serious and focused.

2020 video

On 23 January 2020, Stijn Bertram took over the position of CEO for one day. As ‘Baas van Morgen’ he assisted Hans Honig with an important assignment and has learned what it’s like to be a boss.

2019 video

Nasrin and Lina were CEO (Boss of Tomorrow) at Deloitte for one day. They investigated how we can best use robots in the future.

2018 video

The gentlemen from group 8 of primary school De Nieuwe Haven took over from our CQO as Chief Happiness Officers and were the Bosses of Tomorrow.

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