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Climate education and positive action

By Climate Action Project and the Deloitte Impact Foundation

The Climate Action Project educates youth around the world and enables them to take climate-positive actions. Supported by the Deloitte Impact Foundation, an app was developed to give more youth access to climate literature, kick-start more positive climate actions and measure the collaborative impact being made.

The decade of action

‘Every day we make a million conscious and unconscious decisions which impact our climate, our planet and our future generations,’ says Laura Grootenboer, initiator of this project at Deloitte. ‘Many of these decisions might have a larger negative impact than we realize. This is why we’re incredible proud to have launched the EarthProject application, which teaches youth about the impact of their daily actions such as eating meat, buying products and choosing which transportation to take. It is absolutely crucial that we start making positive climate decisions - as soon as we possibly can - to mitigate the climate crisis.’

‘We need 7 consecutive years of exponential impact, in the UN-designated “decade of action”, Deloitte Partner Jacques Buith continues. ‘In these 7 years, we as an organization will have to take many steps, and our clients will also carry out very complex transformations in which we will guide them. However, “action” ultimately starts with ourselves and that is why I am extremely enthusiastic about this app. I encourage all young people to download it and take climate-positive action.’


Educate, act and track

The EarthProject app was developed by the Deloitte Impact Foundation and non-profit organisation Take Action Global, known for successfully launching a climate education programme called Climate Action Project with the Word Wildlife Fund in 2017. Co-Founder Koen Timmers explains: ‘I started the project out of great concerns with regards to climate change and out of great hope that together we could move mountains. And we did. Today, 2.7 million young people and teachers take actions for a better environment. Now that we’ve launched the EarthProject app, we’re able to track and visualize the impact of all these actions and scale it even further.’

‘In short, the EarthProject app educates users about climate related topics’, Laura continues. ‘Topic such as carbon reduction and recycling are explained through short descriptions and tips. It also suggests multiple climate-positive actions which allow users to challenge their class mates, family members, or even a buddy across the globe to, for example: eat vegan for a week, take the bike to school instead of the car and take shorter showers. The last – and probably most unique feature of the app – is the Carbon Tool, which tracks the personal and collaborative impact of all these actions. It is developed by Deloitte colleagues especially for this app.’

Deloitte Consultant, Marijn van Beek: ‘The Carbon Tool helps calculate your carbon reduction and teaches that small changes in your day-to-day life can make a big difference. During its creation, we considered relevant and reliable emission factors for the carbon calculations to be as accurately as possible.’

Dream big, act now

‘To tackle climate change, we all need to change our behaviour’, Koen continues. ‘The Deloitte Impact Foundation was a crucial player in the app design and development which enables our global impact. It all starts with small actions that any person can take individually and I’m excited to see what we can accomplish together. My big dream is that our app will activate 100 million young people, that it will reward them for their efforts and will eventually really change behaviour to make a positive climate impact.’

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