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Consulting Consultants

Helping students make an impact on society, supported by the Deloitte Impact Foundation

Deloitte Consultants teach students high-quality strategic and operational advice skills, needed to support organisations on a pro-bono basis. This knowledge exchange does not only make an impact on society, but is valuable for both the students and the Deloitte professionals as well. Read more about this initiative.

Consulting Consultants: the challenge

Non-governmental organizations are in need of professional advice and a group of ambitious students (180 Degrees Consulting Delft-Rotterdam, 180 DC) are willing to help them for free. Via the Deloitte Impact Foundation, Deloitte has partnered with 180 DC in order to help the students maximize their impact on society, as well as develop their own skills as consultants. Alfred Baars from Deloitte’s Consulting practice leads the initiative: “Working on this project is both fun and valuable. I really enjoy teaching and coaching the students, and knowing that they are helping NGOs succeed in making the world a better place is great.

Bridging the gap

180DC’s mission is to help socially minded and non-profit organizations across the globe maximize their social impact through the provision of high-quality strategic and operational advice. They provide not-for-profit consulting services to their clients by connecting them with talented students trained by professionals in order to develop innovative and practical solutions to whatever challenges they are facing.

Luis Alejandro Cabrera from 180 DC Delft-Rotterdam has been Deloitte’s point of contact: “I have been on the executive board since its foundation, and it has been a special journey for me. Witnessing the organization grow so fast and reach so many people is a very rewarding feeling. I am certain our social and educational impact will continue to expand during the years thanks to our relationship with Deloitte.

A helping hand

Having a lot of consulting experience as a student is rare, so offering a client advice and seeing their organization using and implementing our work is something very valuable to experience. Deloitte has been a great help in achieving this.

Ben Munks from 180 DC has received Deloitte mentoring over the past year as a consultant: “Being able to receive training from Deloitte and implementing it to boost our problem solving has been an incredible learning experience for me and my team. Seeing this value used to help an organization to keep on collecting and recycling litter around the world is probably one of the most fulfilling experiences I have made as a student. I am very happy to be able to extend the collaboration with Alfred and Deloitte over the coming year, and I am looking forward to further boost our social impact!” 

A rewarding experience

One of the most memorable moments for Alfred was a training in which the students were taught how to solve a hypothetical client problem. Alfred: “Watching the students increasingly understand the problem at hand and coming up with creative solutions was very inspiring. In the afternoon, their final presentations included many of the tips and tricks we taught them during the day. Watching our guidance come to life in that respect was very rewarding.

What the future holds

In the upcoming academic year (2020-2021) we will further expand our collaboration. The trainings that were evaluated positively in the previous years will be repeated for students who have recently joined 180 DC. Additionally, we will continue our behind-the-scenes coaching sessions in order to help 180 DC be successful with their clients. Lastly, we will deliver a number of new trainings based on the topics addressed in 180 DC client projects, in order to help maximize the impact made.

The Deloitte Impact Foundation

Through the Deloitte Impact Foundation, Deloitte is committed to bring a positive impact to society. We share our core competences, knowledge and network in societal initiatives to make an impact in the fields of education & employment, sustainability and endurability. Read more about the Deloitte Impact Foundation and view our other initiatives.

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